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Tunisia to ease restrictions while Algeria and Morocco extend lockdowns

Tunisian polling and data experts Sigma Conseil posted their latest update from the three Maghreb countries of North Africa. These are the latest figures:

Tunisia: 980 cases (+5), 40 deaths (+1), which equates to 3.4 deaths/1m people. Progressive easing of the lockdown from the 4th May

Algeria: 3,848 cases (+199), 444 deaths (+7), which equates to 10.5 deaths/1m people. Lockdown has been extended to the 14th May

Morocco: 4,321 cases (+69), 168 deaths (+3), which equates to 4.7 deaths/1m people. Lockdown was extended last week to the 20th May

In his post on social media, Hassen Zargouni, Founder of Sigma Conseil, states that epidemiologists, as well as behavioural scientists, will have years of work ahead of them as they try and work out all the unknowns and to test the different theories that have been circulating on social media.

Theories and suppositions on why the numbers vary country by country and are still lower in Africa than other continents: is it the BCG vaccine; blood types; age; nicotine; comorbidities; exposure to malarial treatments. All unexplained and that will provide scientists with years of research material.


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